When Did Cremation Become Popular In The United States

Well, this can be a big decision to make that can make life your loved ones either miserable or smooth after your departure. Today, more and more people are choosing cremation for their after-life care and the reason is quite clear: the cost. A cremation can significantly reduce the financial burden left on your family members and loved ones after your passing. Most reputable cremation providers even have pre-payment options, which is a great, inexpensive way to pay for your cremation costs well before your death. In this article, we have put together the top reasons why opting for an affordable cremation over a standard burial in San Bernardino is becoming a popular trend.

1. No Funeral Costs

A standard funeral service and burial can cost over $12,000 when you add together the total expenses. The cost of the casket alone can be as high as $3,000 or even more depending on the type. However, when you choose cremation, you can significantly reduce the overall cost of your end of life care, with the total costs being less than half of the funeral costs. Depending on the crematorium you choose, an affordable cremation service can range anywhere between $600 and $3,000.

2. Longer Timeframe to Plan

Most funerals are typically held within five to seven days after the death of the loved one. This can be a very short timeframe considering all the things you have to do such as planning for a funeral service, coordinating for friends and family members to travel, and purchasing a plot and casket. However, with cremation, the timeframe is much longer. Your family will have ample time to plan for a memorial service and allow relatives who live far away to travel. This will take the pressure and stress off of your family from organizing a funeral service in less than a week, not to mention relieving the pressure of the added costs associated with last minute travel. 

3.Save Up for a Cremation Service

The cost of embalming and the funeral service can be put a huge financial burden on your family members especially if they have little savings for your funeral costs. But with an affordable cremation from a reputable San Bernardino crematorium, your loved ones will be able to plan for your memorial service over time without rushing to organize and pay for everything in less than a week. The money saved can be used to hold an elaborate memorial service later. This will also give your family time to choose an affordable service provider, invite friends and other family members as well as celebrate your life without undue costs. 

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