Business Text Messaging Service For Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever gotten a message with a coupon code or discount? Or, has a company you recently shopped with sent you a promo to use towards your next purchase in a text? The power of text messaging service to send promos and discounts, and other marketing materials to your customer base, is truly something you should be using as a business owner. If you aren’t, you are missing out on a great way to communicate, an easy way to reach the masses, and a quick and efficient way to keep your customers thinking about your company at all times. 

Why text? 

Why should you use text messaging service for marketing? There are plenty of benefits to adding SMS marketing to your arsenal of online marketing tools, some of the reasons include

  1. It happens right away. You send the message the customer sees it
  2. You can send it to multiple clients with one click of a button
  3. You can personalize with the right tool
  4. There are several short messages and campaigns you can send simultaneously
  5. You can automate the messages you are sending and send them in a sequential order to make the most sense to clients

It also allows you to keep clients informed or in the loop. If you are adding new inventory , or if something they ordered was out of stock, and is now in stock, you can let them know. 

We like “Now”

Today, we are very impatient. We do not want to wait for websites to load for 5 seconds, we want the page to open now. If there is something going on nearby, we want to be the first person to know about it and be the first one in line to get a crack at it. No matter what that may be. With text messaging service, you have the power of “now” in your hands as a business owner. You can keep customers in the know, while they are on the go, from virtually anywhere. 

You need to broaden your reach and you have to use the right services with marketing to your audience, if you want to retain them. With the power of texting, not only can you deliver short messages and keep them informed as to what is going on, you can also make sure your customers are always aware of sales, promos, and other discounts, so they don’t turn to the competitor, when making a purchase.