How to Make Your Hair Smooth and Straight for Guys

Frizz is natural and beautiful and is nothing to be ashamed of. Even so, there might be times when you want to forego your flyaways in favor of a sleek, smooth style. The good news is that you can.

Each strand of your hair has several layers, the outermost of which is called the cuticle. If it is raised, moisture can enter the strand and cause swelling that results in that frizzy effect. The key is to find ways to smooth out this top layer.

First, hydrate your locks. Choose a shampoo that is high in glycerin since it will penetrate deep into your hair and give it the moisture it needs. Using a rich conditioner will also help to quench your hair’s thirst from the inside, keeping the cuticle from lifting.

Applying hot air to your head is a sure way to dry things out and get those frizzies flying. As much as possible, let your hair air dry, only using an appliance at the end.

Another way to limit frizz is by twisting your hair into a bun while it’s still wet. It keeps most of your hair’s surface from being exposed to the air as it is drying.

In spite of your best efforts, a downpour of rain can ruin your smooth style and turn your head into a disaster. This is when a dry conditioning anti frizz spray can really become your best friend.

Believe it or not, the hand lotion you carry in your purse to combat cracked palms can also be a lifesaver. If you have your hair in a ponytail and the sides start to get out of control, give them a dose of anti frizz spray. Then put a few drops of lotion in your hand and smooth it throughout your ponytail to make sure the svelte look continues.

Frizz doesn’t need to ruin your calm, cool demeanor. There are ways to tame even the craziest coiffeur.