How To Remove Paint Transfer From Car Home Remedies

Did you graze against a couple of tree branches on your way home or had an unpleasant fender bender where your car came out with unsightly streaks of scratched paint? If so, let these simple car scratch removal tips help you get rid of those marks in no time. Take a look:

1)  Toothpaste patches things up nicely

If you lived in the era of DVD and CD discs, a friend might have recommended toothpaste to clean the underbelly of problematic files at one point. Its gentle abrasive property was the reason behind this success and it is for this very reason that it smoothens out scratches perfectly on the glossy exterior of a car. Before you begin any repair work on scratches, it’s prudent you spray out dirt and debris and wipe the area dry with a clean fiber cloth.

2)  Touch-paint is a nice alternative

People hideaway wrinkles and skin issues with a dash of makeup and touch-paint is basically make-up for cars. For excellent accessories for this exact purpose, be sure to check out Touch Up Direct. This car paint repair company has a host of products suitable for various car models that are sure to restore that sparkling shade in the blink of an eye.

3)  Duct tape is great too

It’d be easier to list what duct tape can’t do around the household than what it can with this multi-resourceful accessory also proving useful with car scratches. It’s particularly great at concealing minor scratches and it goes without saying that the adhesive tape you use should be of a matching color. 

4)  Use a commercial scratch remover 

Without going into great detail, there is usually a trio of layers to a car’s paintwork. A proven scratch removal product comes in handy if it’s only the uppermost layer that is damaged which is usually the case more often than not. 

5)   Make the best of a bad situation

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. If the scratch looks too extensive to hide away, blend it into a detailing accessory such as a decal sticker or whatever else that appeals to you. You not only raise your aesthetics game but also decoratively cover up a conspicuous blemish.

At the end of the day, a professional car paint repair company such as Touch Up Direct is your best bet at a long-term solution. While effective, a number of pointers herein are the equivalent of band-aid remedies so you’re better off turning to experts with years of experience under their belt.