Top Reasons to See an Endodontist

An endodontist is a valuable resource to make use of if you are after premium dental care. They address an array of dental issues that touch on tooth pain and its source. However, when it comes to looking for an endodontist to provide the necessary dental care, you need to be extremely careful as there are many quack endodontists out there.

More often than not, when battling a dental problem, many people get confused about whether to see a general dentist or an endodontist. This is usually the case since many people are not well-versed with the roles of a general dentist and those of an endodontist. That said, let’s look at the dental issues that an endodontist deals with and reasons to visit one.


We’ll have experienced a toothache at some point in our lives. When this happens, we normally visit a general dentist, who in most cases evaluates the pain and adds a dental restoration to swiftly ease it. However, if the pain persists despite dental restoration, then it is the high time you consider visiting an endodontist. Entrenched pain may imply a severe infection in the roots, which could call for a root canal or a more advanced treatment.

Meanwhile, it is advisable to take pain alleviators to ease the discomfort until an endodontist establishes the cause of the pain and fixes it accordingly.

History of Injury

If you have been having a history of injury or a perennial dental issue with a particular tooth, then you should consider visiting an endodontist without hesitation. If you have undergone a series of dental restoration, a visit to an endodontist may prove beneficial as the endodontist may be able to determine whether extensive therapy is all you need to solve the dental issues that you’re facing.

History of injuries entails, broken teeth, multiple root canals, multiple cavities, multiple fillings, among others.

Root Canal

If you’re looking to have a root canal procedure performed, then you need to visit an endodontist. Unlike a general dentist who performs multiple procedures, endodontists specialize in undertaking root canals. The method applied in executing root canals is more advanced, accurate and many times accommodating for the patient, which ensures the pain levels are easily managed and the process is extremely smooth.

Tooth Saving

Regardless of how worse your tooth is, a visit to an endodontist can help rescue the tooth from potential loss strengthening your oral health.Los Angeles endodontics boast a wealth of experience and expertise in restoring the health of broken, cracked, or chipped teeth by performing a series of procedures. This strengthens the damaged teeth and keeps them intact.


Endodontists are adequately trained to undertake procedures that touch on extreme discomfort within a tooth. Although general dentists are trained to perform an array of dental procedures, such as dental canals, an endodontist studies a further two years. In addition, they are usually more experienced, affording them an edge when it comes to assisting persons who require their extreme dental pain issues fixed.


The discussed above are some of the reasons why you might want to see an endodontist. As stated, endodontists specialize in performing root canal procedures and addressing deep dental pain problems.